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The Family That Smiles Together, Stays Together

You don’t always get to choose who you spend the rest of your life with. Sometimes they just come out of nowhere and root themselves so deeply into your life that you can’t look away and ignore them. You also can’t help but love them back. Life doesn’t always produce a winning hand in its vast deck of cards. You need to play your cards well, accept your losses as they come and graciously celebrate your victory. Love is a gamble; you look at the odds, and say, to heck with it. You embrace a soul with its imperfections and learn to ride over the bumpy spots without getting thrown off. The epitome of love comes full circle when you’ve been through hell, only to arrive at heaven’s spot.

It doesn’t seem so long ago when we first joined hands and made the decision to start and raise a family all our own. It was basically a union of two separate and distinct individuals who no one thought had anything in common, and somehow perhaps, they were right. But it is this difference in personalities that is the foundation for an ever-exciting relationship, where the meeting of two hearts and minds collide to create the perfect threshold of unconditional love. With that said, we welcome you with the sweetest of hospitality to our humble abode…

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